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Create music using your Android device


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ORG 2018 is an app that lets you turn your Android device into a genuine music-making machine. You have more than a thousand musical instruments at your disposal, over a thousand different styles, and more than a dozen different drum kits.

The first thing you'll notice when you start creating music with ORG 2018 is the huge number of options at your fingertips. If one of your compositions starts sounding good, all you have to do is record it. All the recordings you make with ORG 2018 will be saved in MP3 format in the memory of your device.

ORG 2018 is an outstanding music-making app, which lets you compose anything you want using your Android device. External keyboards can be connected using a MIDI USB cable, the volume of each instrument can be adjusted separately ... in short, you can make music however you want, wherever you want.

Requires Android 3.2 or higher

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